Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On yer bike!

The swimming pool was taken up with a schools gala, so we took to the road again this afternoon. Red kites are becoming a common sight, and the two we saw today were close enough for their markings to be clear. Of course, by the time I had extricated my camera from my bum bag, and found the right buttons, the birds had flown off.

Then I saw what I thought were two large woolly sheep, until they lifted their heads. No, sheep don't have necks that long. Alpacas, or llamas? I'm not sure. And by the time I had the camera out, they had their heads down grazing again. Besides which, my zoom is nowhere near good enough for detail at that distance.

It was hard work today - a longer ride than Monday, and quite a struggle against the wind.


KAREN said...

I thought I saw a wild boar while I was walking Molly earlier, but it was just a dog, roaming free in the fields and woods! It's ever since I heard a news report recently that claimed there are more than 1000 wild boar roaming free in South-East England, and they can be quite vicious if they feel threatened - I've become obsessed!!

aliqot said...

I saw an episode of Autumnwatch (I think) where Simon King was watching wild boar, somewhere in Southern England, though I forget where exactly.

We have such safe wildlife here generally, that the prospect of reintroducing potentially dangerous species can be alarming.

I think that most wild boar will run from us when they hear us coming. I definitely wouldn't want to corner one.

But people in other places do manage to live alongside dangerous wildlife, and I suppose we could too. Indeed with wild boar we may have no choice.

The beasts in my picture were definitely either pets or farm animals, and I don't think they are dangerous at all.