Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wirksworth Festival 2013

We were up there on September 8th 2013.

We had lunch at the Mistral, excellent food and ambiance with a French flavour - omelette for Harry, crêpe à la ratatouille for me.  Good service, but a slightly claustrophobic cellar experience - no windows and one too many tables for the space available.

We walked up to the Stardisc, where musicians and a theatre group performed in the spectaular setting.

Looking over to Alport Heights

The quarry and Middleton Top
We decided to watch the congregation "clypping the church" - embracing it as the centre of the community. People form a circle around the building, holding hands and singing.

As spectators we were roped in to join hands with the congregation. Hence no pictures! But see these from two years ago.

A lamp from Buenos Aires.

Then down to see Linda Taylor-Fry's exhibition - we watched her sell one of her striking graphic paintings, admired her garden and looked at Colin Halliday's work, which was on show in a marquee in the garden as well.