Friday, September 19, 2008

Country walk.

Keep back, lads, she's wearing a headcam.
A fine specimen of chickenhood in Slipton.
Drayton House - not open to the public but there is a footpath which passes through the estate. Forelock touched, and envy nerve jangled.

Friday, September 12, 2008

3 weeks

Three weeks of what, wandering round the country - Southampton and Bristol in particular. Taking advantage of whatever summer we have, lots more short walks - Blaise Castle, Snuff Mills in Bristol, and some heath and woodland walks in the New Forest.
Swimming a little once I'd got rid of a 'summer cold'. Trying to improve my crawl style with tips from the Esther expert.
Walking with a group from the village and around. Visiting the bird-hide at Fineshade

We walked
and practised mud skating
on paths where sun sliced through trees,
at the hide
for a grandstand view
of clouds,
and birch trunks
hung with bird feeders.

At first, the movement of butterflies.

Dragonflies, big as birds,
skim over the pond,
with sun-glimmered wings.

Skittish coal tits flitter
from tree to feeder.
A bolder great tit
turning its head
with a weather eye on the world.

We think that’s all,

when a white-face clown
bounces in with red cap and cummerbund,
cream shirt and pied tail-coat.
He alights and perches upright,
tail against the trunk,
beak probing.

Now and then
he hops
to easier pickings
at the food cage.
A moment,
then the purposeful pierrot
to dig deeper

until two lithe and speedy squirrels
chase each other
up the pole
and he’s off!

And so are we.