Saturday, November 01, 2014

A Halloween poem.

My contributions to a collaborative poem just about hold together . . .

The ancient feast of Samhain
is now approaching fast
that time when we remember
the spirits of the past

Do you dare to read the tombstones
Do you dare to walk the lanes
or wander past the churchyard
blood curdling in your veins?

The veil between our world and theirs
grows thin as night proceeds.
beware, oh mortals, of the mist
that lingers in the reeds.

The time to light the lamps has come
to banish fear and gloom
to welcome friendly spirits home
and give the others room.

A small child holds a parent's hand
and candles banish murk
but just beyond the flickering flame
fearful creatures lurk.

The jack o' lanterns'  dubious light,
trickers and treaters too,
guisers acting out their roles
see the evening through.

Wandering souls are quieted
wandering people fed
and now the magic's over
we can all get to our bed.