Saturday, March 30, 2013

more - intermittent - haiku for March (5)

March 25 -  generations

past generations
haunting photographs
remind us

March 27 - moon

before moonrise
among the stars
the comet’s hair 

March 30 - writing implement

a forefinger
on a steamed-up window
outlines a heart

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yet more haiku for March (4)

March 13 - primary mode of transportation

from the traffic jam
I watch the slow progress
of narrowboats

d'un embouteillage
j'observe le lent progrès
des péniches

March 14 (Pi Day)

divide circle’s edge
by its diameter
- you will have pi today

learning decimals
of pi the irrational
not quite rational

March 15 - paper

box of old letters -
will our grandchildren
keep our emails?

March 16 - storm

solar storm - 
green light
for northern skies

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Haiku a day in March (3)

March 10  - erosion

Yorkshire cliff-top path
where we walked not fearing time
now crumbling

(Think Cleveland Way)

March 11 - new moon

old moon cradled
by the new

clear sky
on new moon night
stars take centre stage

(think Lake Tekapo Mount John)

March 12 - mystery

a shadow
a half-heard song
the scent of roses

Saturday, March 09, 2013

More haiku for March (2)

March 4 - fire

frosty windows -
someone has to rise
and light the fire

Christmas at gran's -
our neighbour lights the fire
to welcome us home

March 5 - breakfast

filling station -
all-day breakfast
coffee to go

March 6 - wildlife

from the scaffolding
a masked face peers in -
raccoon in the city

March 8 - lines


or reward for long life
a hundred lines

March 9 - salt

hot day's hike
 sweat-soaked T-shirt
taste of salt

promenade ensoleillée
T-shirt trempé de sueur
goût de sel