Monday, February 28, 2011

The curious case of the photos that don't print

Funny.  When I copy blog entries to word the photos come out fine. When I print the page, photos from digital camera appear, but not the ones I've posted via Picasa taken from my phone. Ho hum.

Further note - they print ok straight from blog.

Evening 1740 on 27.2.11

photo taken on my phone....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

days get longer

Looking out from the window at 17.40 and the sky is not quite dark yet - such a change from the dark depths.
Today and yesterday we've taken a brisk stroll along the track - so I reckon my total for the week is 19 miles+ on foot. 
Great view of a red kite over the houses.  The track and fields are sticky muddy and the dykes are indeed filled, February style,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Paranoia ....

I wondered if HMRC had been spying on me through my computer - not that I look much like this lovely lady, but the cup and the lap-top could easily be mine...but - is that really a nightdress she's wearing?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

to walk...

...round Pitsford Water in sunshine, and warmer than February has any right to be. Plenty of human fauna jogging, cycling and exercising the young. Birds included Canada geese, ducks, coots and a couple of cormorants posing on posts. One came up from a dive disguised as a grebe, then out to hang its wings to dry.

About seven miles - always a good walk when other ideas fail, and you don't want to be faffed with map-reading.

So that's about 13 miles this week - six miles around Easton-o-t-H, Stamford and Wothorpe on Monday.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

poedoodle again

Fairy footprint - Unknown - Breeze - Golden - Gentle smile -Bouncy

Fairy footprints in the snow
left by a creature full strange -
six toes it had and golden eyes
that shone with an unknown fire
a hairy chin and soft brown ears
breeze-blown over a gentle smile
stretched clean across a smooth green face
balanced like balloon on a bouncy neck,
it meandered for many a mile.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

to continue...

OK, that has been a long hiatus - I think the only valid excuse is that I let the habit drop, and reverted to web-surfing, and leaving comments on Guardian articles - 'disgusted of Gretton' would be a good username.

It's been quite a winter for birds - we chased the waxwing in Kettering...redwings stripped the holly berries at home, an last Friday I saw my first-ever goldcrest in the holly tree. Plus a kingfisher along the Welland near Stamford a few weeks ago.

In future - I may start a separate blog for walks - I guess it would be a handy reference.

And I did - aliwalks