Monday, February 25, 2008

Cabin fever and a breath of spring

This morning, sunny, still cold, even windy. And yet, I felt I needed to use my bike for the first time since around November.

So off I went on the standard seven mile ride around the Welland Valley. The floods have gone completely now, and the river is at its lowest for several weeks.

Nothing of note, no red kites, no kingfishers, just me in my bright yellow wind and rain proof top.

On the way back I stopped to take a couple of snaps of this 'welly wall' - the work of the local 'beaver scout' group.


Rich said...

Every time I read your blog I just get jealous. I'm really not a city person, but it seems to be where all the jobs are. Once I've sold my novel, I'll move to the wet country...I can dream!


aliqot said...

Hi Rich - the wet country, lol! But I love cities too, and sometimes I think you can find as much wildlife and friendliness in communities in cities. And you have all the cultural opportunities, all the variety, within walking distance.
I have to drive six miles to a town, twenty plus to a city.
But the grass is always greener (and wetter...)


KAREN said...

What a lovely picture! Maybe I could do something similar with all the old wellies cluttering up our porch...

aliqot said...

They're planted up with various bulbs to flower for several months, so I hope to post further pictures. The beaver scouts water them once a week, on Tuesdays, when they meet. The wellies are screwed down to the bench, so they don't walk away. All this inside info, courtesy of one of the leaders who stopped to chat when she saw me taking the photo.

Moondreamer said...

This pic really made me smile, Ali, thank you for sharing it!

Been so busy, really need to catch up, but the rabble need feeding, so will pop back later, but for now ...

There's an award at mine for you!


aliqot said...

Thanks, moondreamer, I'll pick it up later. :-)

I saw the welly wall for the first time from a car - thought I was imagining it. It's a lovely idea, though.