Wednesday, March 05, 2008

World Book Day March 6th

The UK and Ireland celebrate this on March 6th, so that schools can be involved. In most other countries, it's April 23rd.

This morning the postman rang the doorbell, and handed me a package - Joanne Harris's 'Lollipop Shoes', a sequel to 'Chocolat'. A late Mothers' Day present. How well my daughter knows me.

I have read most of Joanne Harris's work, and especially like the short stories, 'Jigs and Reels' and 'Five Quarters of the Orange' which deals with the topic of collaboration in wartime France.

The film of 'Chocolat', while beautiful to watch, doesn't entirely do justice to the darker side of this writer's imagination. I think she writes beautifully.


Ham said...

Just to verify, when you say the film Chocolat, do you mean the one featuring Judi Dench and Johnny Depp? If so, that was an awesome picture and you say that the book is even better? Wow...I must read.
I am new to blogger and have never written blogs before; I started one recently, trying to express my views on films, books, and music. Check it out and tell me what you think.

aliqot said...

Thanks for calling in. That's the film I mean. Some people reckon Chocolat is a bit too sweet. But I liked the film, and the book is very good too. JH suffers from depression, I believe and some of her books are very dark and others, like Chocolat, are more upbeat.

I keep track of most of my reading on my other blog. So when I've read 'Lollipop Shoes' I'll post about it.

I'll call over to your blog soon.


Ham said...

I will check her stuff out.

Thanks a lot.

HelenMH said...

yet another writer I haven't sampled yet - I must, I must!

aliqot said...

I've just been having a browse of her website. Interesting stuff about how she writes too.

Ham said...

That sounds cool.

I'm sure there will be.
I just have to find them.

And, Why thank you!