Saturday, March 15, 2008

Otters, owls and wild boar

These beasts, viewed safely from behind a fence, live at the New Forest Otter and Owl Sanctuary, along with many other animals, from wallabies and badgers to tiny harvest mice, which move so quickly I couldn't manage a photo. There are also a couple of hand-reared rescue deer which enjoy chewing scarves and shoelaces while you're wearing them.
The wild boar and his family seem to lead a fairly placid life. He has a ferocious-looking set of tusks, and is no lightweight. I don't know how many live in the wild in England, but I would hate to corner one.


HelenMH said...

What fab photos! And yes I think you would want to give the wild boar a fairly wide berth if you came across him!

aliqot said...

Thanks Helen. Pleased you enjoyed the pics. :-)

Rich said...

My wife loves pigs! I think the New Forest is not far from here, maybe I'll take little Oliver on an outing.

Why do some pigs have hair and others dont? bizarre

aliqot said...

Off the M27(West) at J2 and head south. Near Ashurst.Great place with lots of critters.