Saturday, March 08, 2008

International Women's Day? Is it?

I can find very little about this in the news online.

AOL has its usual front page of celeb bad boob jobs, fit celebs with gorgeous bodies, weather 'babes'. Two other mentions of women or girls - Margaret Thatcher's 'hospitalization', and a murder victim. Oh well, I guess it's a bad day.

The Guardian has three films about key issues that affect women in the developing world Why International Women's Day matters.

The Independent has an article about intellectual women ending with the words 'Women beware women.' I only found this by searching for an article about women in the opinion section.

The Telegraph has an interesting article about male and female sexuality in France.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, but IWD is not hitting me in the face.


Moondreamer said...

I agree, ali!

For something that has been going for almost 100 years, I think the coverage sucks! I had never heard about it until this year, and I couldn't find much about it when I looked either.

All a bit of a mystery, really!


aliqot said...

Hi moondreamer,

I'm also a little miffed that it's been subverted in some places(Russia, I think) into a present-giving day.

Well, 2011 is the 100th anniversary I think. Any ideas? ;@)

Moondreamer said...

Hi Ali,

Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you, been extra busy, but I have been thinking about this.

I agree, I think something should be done! I was wondering about setting up a website where women could share their stories, essays, comments? Perhaps we could then set up our own local networks and plan something special to do together on International Women's day.

Only a small thing, but perhaps it will be a step towards a proper celebration in 2011.

I am thinking of submitting some articles to magazines at the moment and I think IWD might be a great subject for women's magazines. You have inspired me, thank you!

Hope you and yours had a lovely Easter.


aliqot said...

That sounds a very interesting idea. I guess we could start a communal blog - called 'Women together towards 2011' or something snappier. Simply 'Towards 2011' with a subtitle
'100 years of IWD'

I'd say start small and see what we can grow. I have a suspicion that if we tried to set up on an existing writing website we might get all sorts of flak about an all-women group being sexist.

Moondreamer said...

Yes, let's do it! That sounds like an excellent idea, Ali, were you thinking of a communal blog on Blogger?

This is my email address:

I've never written on, let alone set up a communal blog before. Just let me know what I can do!