Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Keeping track of myself

OK. Last month I planned to post at least a short piece each day on WD - it didn't happen, but I wasn't too far off, and I have been blogging.
And since I last totted it all up (February 23rd), I've written a sonnet for a challenge. Topic (chosen by me) anything but love. I was all Valentined out after last month's challenge.
I've also posted a couple of very quickly written flash poems from prompts.

We've been discussing the 'to be continued' story idea - someone writes about 100 words, and others add their 100 words to it. At least two of us admit we have trouble writing endings.
So next week, I'm going to post 100 words, and we'll use it in two ways. One will be as normal, as the start of a story. For the second version, others will write the 100 words leading up to that situation, and so on backwards. Until we arrive at a beginning?


HelenMH said...

Sounds like you're doing well on the poetry front!

aliqot said...

I find solid stories with proper characters and plots quite difficult. Poetry can grab odd incidents and observations and (sometimes) make something of them.

The 'flash' poems are ones we write using prompts in less than 30 minutes. It's bit like taking your imagination for a walk and not worrying too much about the destination.