Sunday, March 09, 2008

Something silly.

Time to lighten up a bit. :-)

Written from prompts - Ladies limited; feminine fayre;women's world;galactic girl; female fascination

This lady should limit the length of her legs,
lissom and lithe though she is.
She’s lost sight of the light, in the dark of the night
and can’t find her toes in her tights.

The feminine fayre was a fayre for the fair -
no feminist fairies invited,
so they waved their wild wands in the woods of the west,
and scorned the affairs of the flighty.

A world where all women would wander and wave,
a globe for the wise and the free.
But alas with no men the magic was gone
they had to make love to a tree.

But the girl from a golden galaxy grinned
with a mouth that was wide and enticing.
She yawned like a cave mouth and swallowed the lot
just like cake with a marzipan icing

A fascinating female foiled a fight
by showing a glimpse of a garter.
The poor helpless male was caught by the tail,
and she told him 'Stop playing the martyr.'


Wildwoods Home said...

Dear Baco-vegetarian:

Don't think your current blog reads like a rant. It's interesting. All things must be said in the their moment.

Good day to you! I confess now, that by the way, I've never tried salmon with maple syrup and walnut but it sounds quite wonderful and will do so soon. I'm afraid I also like a piece of bacon now and then. Although I am not vegetarian I do make a fairly serious effort to stay away from meat. I once had a partner to raised beef cattle. I hold no great affection for cows but having now lived around them and come to appreciate their little lives and a cow's fierce devotion to her calf - I'm not eager to eat beef por other meats for that matter. Photographing everything about the out of doors - animals, birds, fish, reptiles, flora of all sorts - sometimes complicates things. I even feel a bit of a twinge about edible plants - because I enjoy their beauty - somehow then eating them in a salad seems an odd betrayal. Perhaps a bit like feminism, the more one observes and knows something, the more complicated it all gets! :)

Polly's Pancake Palor? I haven't been there but will when the weather is just a bit more gracious. Will post something about the adventure when it happens.

aliqot said...

Hi there, thanks for calling in. I certainly look forward to reading your opinions of PPP. I'm not sure when it opens but we were there shortly before it shut last year.

I've been taking my (small digital) camera for walks the last few days. I love the way it makes me open my eyes a bit wider.

HelenMH said...

Great poem. I love the imagery and the pace.

aliqot said...

Thanks Helen,
Pleased you enjoyed this. It's always fun to write slightly off the wall poems. ;@)

KAREN said...

Fantastic poem - more where that came from I hope :o)

aliqot said...

Thanks Karen,
I seem to have quite a lot of surreal nonsense stashed inside my head. :@)

Still fiddling with lines here and there of course.

Annieye said...

Hi - thanks for popping by my blog. I see we both hail from the same neck of the woods. I'm from Kettering.

I loved this poem - really cleverly written. You ought to submit it somewhere.

aliqot said...

Many thanks annieye.

I think the poem still needs a little 'ironing', and I'm not quite sure where to try submitting it - it's a bit too silly to be feminist, and a bit too feminist to be totally silly.

I know Kettering well - live in Gretton.