Sunday, April 01, 2012

Tom's 21st

Saturday night

tonight we partied
for Tom's twenty-first
I forgot earth hour

Tom’s parents hold a party for his twenty-first birthday. 7lb 1 oz, April 1st 1991, 2.38 am. We’re pleased we’re not expected to stay up until the minute, and the cake is cut before midnight. They pass round a scrapbook from when he was a scrap, through early artistic and literary efforts, school reports, dressings-up, travels.
He’s happy to play the fool, but his future promises more than a fool’s paradise.
Good luck, lad, and many happy returns.

twenty-one candles
shaped like champagne bottles
with edible photo

Harry's limerick (aided and abetted by me, Anne and Dave):

There was a young fellow named Tom
who embarked on a filmic sit-com
although quite aghast
at the size of the task
he carried it off with aplomb


Alison said...

Great to see your musings on Tom's 21st! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and Tom obviously did.
the other Alison x

aliqot said...

It was an excellent evening! Good to see everyone - and for organising it all so well.


aliqot said...

- er - Thanks for organising it . . .