Saturday, April 07, 2012

Cleaning of boots

I decide to clean my walking boots, rather than let them fester muddily in the car boot.  This involves scraping sticky clay with a trowel, then scrubbing each boot in warm water that I’ve already used to clean my ‘gaiters’ – an item I used to consider something of an affectation. I’ve recently discovered how practical they are. There’s no need to wash my walking trousers after each excursion, just brush off any mud splashes above the gaiter-line. 

In case you think that just goes to show how much of an idle scruff I really am, I should explain that the trousers are shower-proofed and need a special hand wash, and drip-dry.  I do change them and air them when I get back from one of my trudges, as my other half calls them.

I don’t use soap for my boots, just scrub them, and then pour the water on to the soil, and hope it helps stave off the drought we’re suffering in this area. Ironically, of course, the very day the hosepipe ban comes into force is the day we have twenty-four hours of rain.

Hosepipe ban in force
It rains for a whole day
Use with care

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