Friday, April 27, 2012

human and landscape

A stone cockerel, chunky rather than delicate, and apparently wearing wellies, sits on a chimney pot not far from the garden wall.  We almost miss him as we wander by.

Two tree stumps, carved into mushrooms, stand in leaf litter near the water’s edge. One of the felled trees lies nearby. An art project linked to conservation? Is this a habitat for insects with added humour for humans?

The Old Hall, out on a limb at the waterside for the last forty years – we can hardly believe it’s lived in, but there is a car – plans to squat will have to be put on hold.

A stone woman stands in the back garden of a magnificent house. The track beside the lake allows us to be peeping toms – it’s a cold day to stand there in all your naked glory, even if you are made of stone.

Then the rain begins, and the red and white outsized umbrella comes into its own – a splash of colour on a drear day.

shapes the landscape
and still it rains

This is based on a recent walk .


Chloe Greene said...

Lovely description of the various artifacts you encountered on your walk - humankind's form-shaping impulse.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Chloe. Not a walk in the wilderness, this one!