Thursday, April 26, 2012

bluebells and birdsong

The bluebells are not yet in full blue bloom, but they’re close. Wet weather has damped down the scent, but it’s just about perceptible. In a week there’ll be a tide swell of blue on the hillside by the water. Early evening after a sun-warmed day shows them at their best.

The rain has brought a sharpness to the bird-song today. We hear a bird singing a tune, almost a recognizable tune. He sings it over and over. The only bird we see is a great tit. Later a chaffinch perches on a twig singing loud and clear. They are not the only songsters, merely the most striking.

rain enlivens
colours and sounds
but we stay dry

We're thrilled that we have avoided a soaking. One swift shower blows over in minutes. 

can be overrated
a wet banket


Harry said...

I'd just finished a rain and blackbirds haiku when I read this

rain tumbling through green
patters on roof
through the drops
dance blackbird songs

aliqot said...

I like it.