Friday, April 06, 2012

Hot cross buns and Easter eggs

Friday 6 April

I read about hot cross buns – I've thought about making some.

I even look at a recipe for the ‘perfect’ hot cross bun.  Huh, she’s used fresh yeast! Where do they even sell that?  Huh, she left the dough to prove overnight! Talk about organized.
Not gonna happen, not with me.   Next year, some time when I get my act together, or regroup my multiple strands.

road out of hell
imagine superwoman
making do

So – plan B.  I get in the car, drive to the supermarket.  The panic’s started – the shop will be closed on Sunday. Two or three days a year and we can’t cope with the anxiety.

Yeah, while I’m here I’ll buy a few Easter eggs too.  Not that I’ve arranged to meet any of the family this weekend, but best have a couple in reserve for next time I see them.  The Easter egg aisle is hoaching, as they say in Scotland.

As I walk back out, I hear a security guard say, ‘It’ll be packed in here tomorrow, just you wait and see!’

holiday time
panic buying
or we may starve

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