Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Looking at the familiar through the eyes of a tourist

We discovered the existence of Leicester's cathedral and Guildhall quite recently.  Leicester has always been an occasional shopping destination, rather than anything more, and an excuse for coffee and cakes, and a visit to the Art Gallery and museum on New Walk.
We have often looked up at the architectural details above eye level.

Today our first stop was for coffee in the old grammar school, now a restaurant near High Cross Shopping Centre.  Nearby is a plaque showing where the original High Cross stood.
So that's why it's called High Cross . . .
. . .not just because Mr Wetherspoon has a pub there.
Leicester has been in the news recently with the discovery and investigations of the remains of Richard III under a car park, on the site of the old Grey Friars church.  We dropped in to the exhibition, the Guildhall and the Cathedral.
On the way we passed Mr Wyggeston or Wigston's  house.

and his hospital and boys' school - not usually behind bars, I think.

William Wyggeston set this up in 1513.  It housed 12 poor men and 12 poor women; the hospital moved to Hinckley Road in 1869.

I shall post about our visit to the Richard III exhibition, and the cathedral and guildhall later.

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