Monday, May 27, 2013

Ashby de la Zouch

I used to drive through Ashby once every couple of months or so, on my way to Burton-on-Trent.  That's a while ago, there was no by-pass, we had to go right through the town centre - vivid memories of the Christmas tree at the bottom end of Market Street, and a butcher's shop that had dead turkeys and rabbits hanging outside too.

Today's different - we're stopping in Ashby for a few hours, and going to an exhibition of paintings by Jay Dubya - John William Smith. one of Harry's cyber-painter-friends.
The exhibition is lively and varied, from landscapes, with wide skies and glorious colours, to portraits and pub and café scenes, along with a few of the preparatory sketches.   
The serious business of art criticism
Harry, Tony and John - you can see a café scene on the wall to the right
I like the little explanatory notes with some of the paintings too - and John's refusal to take himself too seriously. 

Hunger drives us out to forage and explore. After a stroll in the Bath Grounds, where we learn that Ashby was a spa manqué, we find a little café in the shade.

We go back for a final look at the exhibition, then say our farewells.  Here are a few shots of the town - there are a lot of interesting buildings.
Our Lady of Lourdes - art sale in basement

The Mews

Older shops

Loudun memorial to  to Edith, Lady Maud Hastings, Countess of Loudoun. The design, by Gilbert Scott, is based on the Eleanor Crosses

For Harry's review - see Harry's cafe .

Ashby Arts Festival continues until June 8th

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