Friday, May 24, 2013

Leicester Cathedral - a glimpse

I didn't know there was a cathedral in Leicester until a couple of years ago.  No reason for me to know - I don't go to church, and to me Leicester has just been a place to go to the shops when absolutely necessary,  and a good excuse to wander around and explore the coffee shops, and soak up a dose of city atmosphere.  

The cathedral is not a grand edifice like Lincoln, Salisbury or Winchester.  It's full title is the Cathedral Church of St Martin, and it became a cathedral in 1927, after the diocese of Leicester was recreated in 1926.

Most of what we see today is the result of a Victorian renovation.  From the outside it looks like a very large church, and the grounds are not extensive, though there is a garden in front.  
from the Guildhall window
My first view of it in 2011 was the back entrance next to the Guildhall, with enough place for two small cars and a notice - "Parking for the Bishop". 

I think it's become much better known as a result of the King in the Car Park stories.

The spire seen through the windows of the Guildhall

The Vaughan Porch - at the main entrance on the south side.

The interior is light and airy - no pews, but chairs, which can be moved as needed.
Two particular points of interest inside the cathedral are the Richard III memorial stone, and the Herrick chapel.  The Herricks were the family of the poet Robert Herrick, of "Fair Daffodils" fame, a prosperous and well regarded family.

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