Friday, May 31, 2013

Hue Boy - drama for children in Leeds Library

Drama for children aged 3+ in the library, based on a book by Rita Phillips Mitchell and illustrated by Caroline Binch. Hue Boy is a boy in a Caribbean village - he is very small and he won't grow" at all at all". 

Everyone in the village makes suggestions, from pumpkin soup to exercises to herbs to holding his head up high.  His school mates tease him about it, but nothing works, until the time is right and his dad comes home from the sea.

Most of the characters are played by Stewart Thomas, with Selina Zaza acting as link and narrator, as well as playing other parts.  The scenery is based around a giant parasol which opens out to form a colourful canopy over the stage.

The little ones were seated on round mats in front of the adults' chairs, so it was easy for them to see and take part in the action when asked.  They were eager to volunteer, and join in with the exercises and singing which are part of the show.

The two actors did a workshop afterwards, based on props which were associated with the different characters, then copying Stewart in each role.  One of these, the grandma, struck me as just a little stereotypical, with hunched shoulders and bent knees  - but I would say that wouldn't I?

I thought it worked brilliantly for the target age group - 3 to 7 year-olds.  They all got to take away a pumpkin seed and a recipe for pumpkin soup.

Look up tutti frutti productions on facebook or the group's website and you'll see a few pics of the show.  

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