Wednesday, September 23, 2015

La bella città Part 2 - The Forum and the Palatine Hill and Museum -

Day 3 - Thursday - Forum Romanum, Palatine Hill and museum.

By metro to the Colosseo stop, and over the road to the Forum. 

The Arch of Titus -

Much the same in Roman times, bar the cameras and backpacks!

The glorious scent of rosemary and other herbs.

Modern workers among the ruins

Inside the Temple of Romulus, described as probably dedicated to Romulus, son of Maxentius.

Goddess of the sewers?

The belly button of Rome

Lovely blue flowers

One thing missing from the forum was a cafe! Oh to be transported back to Ancient Rome for a few minutes.

The Palatine Museum was well worth a wander, with its many statues and exhibits.  The remains of the palaces with their views over the Circus Maximus are striking and memorable - and then there were the lizards and a swallowtail butterfly.
Too much to take in at one go . . .


Ida Jones said...

Super photos and running commentary brought your experiences alive. Such stunning architecture!

aliqot said...

It's spectacular.