Wednesday, September 23, 2015

La bella città di Roma - Tuesday and Wednesday

A week in Rome proved to be even more enjoyable than I'd expected, from the apartment near the Mercato Trionfale to the miles we walked during the week.

Day 1 - St Peter's Square, the Castel Sant'Angelo and the quais du Tibre (!)
St Peter's Square

Flavus Tiber - the "blonde" Tiber?

Castel Sant'Angelo or Hadrian's mausoleum

Lungotevere Castello, with entertainers, buskers, stalls and invisible men

Rome not Paris!

Buon appetito!

Day 2 - The colosseum

The Flavian amphitheatre, where such delights as gladiatorial combats and executions by fighting wild animals took place, in front of as many as 50 000 spectators. It's huge.
 This head of the cyclops, Polyphemus, is part of the Terra Antica exhibition, part of the Milan Expo 2015. The exhibition explores humanity's relationship with the earth, and contains photographs of places unchanged by us, alongside sculptures and artefacts representing legends and belief systems, including the need to appease the gods after earthquakes and floods - sent to punish us for our destruction of the earth.
 We decided to leave the Roman forum area for another day, and made our way gradually back via the Trevi Fountain - no water today as it's being repaired!
La Fontana di Trevi
 Throwing a coin in should ensure a return to Rome - we'll have to return if only to see the fountain as it should be!
Small park on the Quirinal Hill, the garden of Carlo Alberto with its equestrian statue. Another small oasis of green in the city.
Column of Marcus Aurelius

Via del orso

A pedestrian bridge over the Tiber


Ida Jones said...

A lovely record of your recent trip. So pleased you both enjoyed your visit to Rome and of course you will have to go back if only to see the Trevi Fountain working properly!

aliqot said...

We both think Rome is nicer than Florence - a more 'liveable' city with loads of parks and fabulous views. Of course the weather was wonderful too.