Thursday, June 25, 2015


I drove - to extend my range since I have begun driving again after a four months pause, because of my broken wrist.
We strolled around, just looking.  First stop was the Castle - a very small one, built between 1180 and 1190, in the reign of Henry II for Walchelin de Ferriers, Lord of the Manor of Oakham. It was principally a fortified manor house. It did at one time have a curtain wall, a gatehouse and a drawbridge with iron chains. Oakham Castle probably also had towers at strategic points along the walls as well as a moat.

Ever since a horseshoe was presented by Edward IV in 1470 after his victory at the Battle of Losecoat Field, there has been a tradition that any peer of the realm visiting Oakham should present the Lord of the Manor with a horseshoe. 230 of them are displayed on the walls of the Great Hall, all hung so that no devil can swing in them, as is the Rutland way.
It is thought that they are linked to the de Ferrers name (meaning farrier) and family crest.
Lorraine Cornwell - Rutland County Museum

We walked past the Butter Cross or Market Cross

The stocks have five holes for some reason.

We walked through the churchyard of All Saints church, 

and came across the Old School building. The history is intriguing.
On the lighter stone is carved  SCHOLA LATINA       GRAECA    HEBRAICA    Ao 1584
These were the subjects the master was to teach.
This inscription uses Hebrew and Greek lettering. The bottom part may be in Latin, but is illegible.
. . . . . . . . . . .      school and hospital(?) in Oakham and Uppingham in the county of Rutland.

Along the end wall is some old, rather stylish graffiti

He is photographing the graffiti, not adding to it!

For more about Oakham see Oddities of Oakham  and Colours of Oakham on a dull day from my photo blog.  And on this blog The Walk that wasn't .


Ida Jones said...

Not a place I know, Alison, and I found this fascinating. I also enjoyed the items on Oakham on your photo blog. All very interesting. Good too to read you are able to drive again!

aliqot said...

It's not far from us, but it's enjoyable discovering new parts of the town.
Being able to drive again makes quite a difference, especially to the way I feel!

aliqot said...

I've added another link about Oakham too.