Friday, June 19, 2015


We made use of our NT membership! Easy to spend a day here. The name comes from Moots Font - a well where a medieval community used to meet.

The house was originally a priory, then became a Tudor house, built around the former church, and still later an 18th century country house. Maud and Gilbert Russell owned it and it became a gathering place for artists, writers, philosophers, designers and other guests during the early 20th century.

You've heard of pork sausage . . .

The grounds are magnificent, and extensive.

The walled garden is full of roses and many other flowering plants.

The grounds contain many other attractions
Huge sweet chestnut trees
pruned plane trees

a tulip tree
the ice house

the font itself.

The house is worth visiting - for Rex Whistler's trompe-l'oeil mock classical drawing room, the furniture and the vast collection of paintings. 
In the art gallery we saw an exihibition of Lyons teashop lithographs - by many well known artists.
You can see some of them at the link below:

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