Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Belton House

Exploring and making use of the National Trust membership! Belton House was well worth the visit - lovely house and grounds.
The stables block and the archway to the house itself.
Who is this lurking in the ivy?
Monarch of all I survey?

A splendid ceiling in one of the rooms
Stairway and hall with gilt patterns and a portrait by Leighton.
One of several stone urns in the formal gardens
Statue in the formal gardens
Belton church where there are the remains of many of the Cust family who owned Belton House
The lion exedra - so we're told

Small statue in the Orangery glimpsed through the window
and another

Flowers and small tortoiseshell butterfly in the walled garden
Pillar in Belton Church
and the font.
The boathouse and small lake
A modest, or a cheeky statue near the maze.


Ida Jones said...

Super shots, Alison! Belton House looks a magnificent place.

aliqot said...

Lovely house and grounds, Ida. Well worth the visit.