Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Legion of Honor - Fine Art Museum, San Francisco

Set high on a hill in Lincoln Park, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, this building is worth a visit just for its situation.

In front of it a circular pond with fountain and flower beds, including a flower which always says San Fran to me - the agapanthus.
You enter through this archway.
The exhibition rooms are spacious and well set out, and you have plenty of time to wander and absorb, and wander back again.  We spent two or three hours there - including a somewhat overpriced veggie-burger for lunch - I guess this made up for the entrance price of a mere $5 each.

The paintings cover European Art.  Highlights for me (among many):
The Merry Company by Gaspare Traversi

The Fortune Teller by Jacques-Louis David

A portrait by Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun

Sarah Bernhardt - Jules Bastien-Lepage

Snow Effect, Damvillers - Jules Bastien-Lepage

Mother and child - Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Many of the paintings etc from the museum are online here .  
Outside again we noticed this plaque - reminder to self, look her up!

Finally a view of the famous bridge as we walked down the Camino del Mar.


Ida Jones said...

Thanks for messaging me about these. Good shots of some great paintings and, for me, especially interesting to see the two by Jules Bastien-Lepage. Lucky you to be able to see them "for real". Great place in great surroundings and an excellent photo of the bridge too!

aliqot said...

Superb setting, and very airy spacious exhibition rooms, too.