Friday, October 17, 2014

Nottingham (3) - some olde innes and the like

The first one, The Royal Children, is not so old(e), but it amused me, especially with the group nearby. It is said to be named after the children of Princess Anne, daughter of James II. She took refuge in the area in 1688. Here's the story in more detail.
 The one below claims to be very old.

 The Trip to Jerusalem is one of the most famous . . .

The last one is not a pub at all, but Severn's House, a merchant's house, which was moved from its original site in 1969. For more info click here


Ida Jones said...

Thanks for more well-illustrated Nottingham history and buildings. It's not a town I've visited but you make it look and sound interesting.

aliqot said...

I certainly enjoyed my mini-exploration. More to come - and all from a couple of hours wandering.