Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mount Diablo

A visit by car to Mount Diablo, 3,849 feet high, and standing high above the surrounding low hills and flat valleys. The view is fantastic on all sides, though it is said to be at its best in winter and early spring after a storm has cleared the air. 
Looking roughly southwest
The view towards the north

The summit beacon used to be used for navigation, but is now lit only to commemorate Pearl Harbor Day in December.
The view from Diablo Valley Overlook, looking to the west
One of the weird eroded rock formations of Rock City
Looking back to the summit

A day out in the car . . . there are lots of walking trails, but not a lot of shade and shelter. 


Ida Jones said...

Good photos and stunning scenery!
The rock formations look fascinating - very face-like!

aliqot said...

They are strange aren't they? Well worth a detour as M. Michelin would no doubt say!