Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nearly time

I was walking through the Pocket Park, camera slung round my neck, switched off, when this heron flew up from the pond, really close.  By the time I'd reacted it was making its way into the distance.
But hey, blue sky!

Heron Moment

Morning sunlight tempts me out 
with neither thickest fleece,
nor leggings next my skin.
The sky shines blue as crystal lake.
With the wind behind me, I sally forth.

I wander into the muddy pocket park
and flush a heron from its fishing spot.
Caught between two thoughts
Stay still and watch, it may return,
or Go for it! Grab the photo now 
I hesitate too long. 
The auto-focus wobbles and acts dumb.
The darn bird’s no more than a speck.

I insist, hope it’s focused and click
on the shrinking heron flying north.

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