Sunday, January 06, 2013

home again

We arrived back yesterday - just after 7 am, after a calm efficient flight with no problems, though it was very full.  

Saturday was a good day to arrive in London - no rush hour or peak fares to contend with. Or a bad day - engineering works meant a replacement bus between Acton and Hammersmith. I was not in a good mood with lack of sleep and lugging a suitcase up and down stairs and on and off tubes and buses. I may have turned the air pale blue at times. The guys and gals working on the buses and at tube stations were unfailingly polite and helpful.

The weather began by being typically grey and mild, but the sun appeared as we travelled north on the train. We took a taxi from the station, rather than wait an hour for a local bus.  It cost less than a tenner for the six miles or so - well worth it for the lack of hassle and the speed.

The kind neighbours who had kept an eye on the house and indoor plants left us a few essential food items to welcome us back, and it's great to be able to expand into our normal amount of space. 

In our heads, memories of extraordinary places, new experiences, new people. Though I'm still a little bemused, tired from the flight home, even after a solid sleep of ten hours or so!


Anne said...

Glad to know you're safely back !
All the memories will keep you busy for a while, even if you haven't planned anything for the beginning of this new year.
Back to school tomorrow for me...

aliqot said...

They were all back at school/work on Wednesday in Brooklyn!

Bon courage, tout de même. :(