Saturday, December 15, 2012

Who needs a garden?

14 Dec Hawea walk

The wind has whipped white horses all over the lake, and the waves hit the shore with a crashing sound as stones are rolled back and forth. It sounds like the sea.

We're going to take the track to Lake Hawea village. It runs just in from the shore, through pines, and along cliffs. Today we're pushed along by the wind, but the sun shines and there are flowers everywhere - self set feral flowers?

Lupins, predominantly pink and purple, but with large patches of wild yellow ones too. Californian poppies, with their delicately shaped flowers of rich waxy orange. Wild roses, with their small pink flowers and arching branches. Two different types of yellow flowers, both growing as tall spikes. A blue flower, with pink on it - another spike. Even the birds foot trefoil is bigger and lusher than at home. There's a rocky slope where deep pink mesembryanthemum are sunbathing. The kete flax is everywhere, and we have pines and eucalyptus too.


Chloe Greene said...

Lovely to look at these pictures Ali and read your descriptions of the brightly coloured flowers when today, in Brighton, UK it has rained solidly and never seemed to get light at all.

Great timing for your visit.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Chloe. Our second summer this year has been rather sunnier than the first one!

Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds very pretty indeed! Some place :) xxxx Esther xx