Thursday, December 20, 2012

18 Dec Oamaru to Christchurch

Help! My I-pad is jammed. Defunct. Dead. Not I hope, an ex-i-pad. We go into Oamaru computer shop, and the first person is as flummoxed as I am. A woman passing by asks, "Have you tried switching on and pressing the wake up button at the same time?". It works - that's how to reboot the I-pad.

Now coffee and cakes, a look at a local art show, then a visit to the lookout point high above the town. The global signpost grabs my attention as usual. I do like my facts and figures.

5 600 km to the South Pole. A lot further to London.

Nowhere before Timaru looks much of a place to stop. Timaru has lots of shops and cafes, and free Internet in the library too. As a result it's getting on for 4pm when we leave.

We think a cup of tea en route would be good, but have forgotten that rural New Zealand likes to shut its cafes early. So we have a break and a stroll and push on through more traffic than we're accustomed to.
Motel, car return, dinner at the Flight Lounge, another nearby motel. A litle expensive, but a pretty good meal. Then back, and before too long, blog and bed. This may be near the airport, but Heathrow it isn't.

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