Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We still haven't eaten our picnic lunch! Back to the town.

I still gape when I see Christmas trees in midsummer. 

We toy with the idea of a ride on the cable car, but by the time we've had our lunch on a bench near the lake, then a coffee, and listened to live music in the cafe, time is getting short, and we head back to Lake Hawea.
We take the low road via Cromwell this time.
On the way back we stop briefly to look at Roaring Meg, a stream named after either a fiery barmaid, or another woman who made a lot of noise when she was carried across the stream after a dance. In any event all the fuss,and noise of the stream has proved very useful in generating hydro-electricity in the Kawarau valley.

By the time we reached Cromwell, it appeared to have closed for the night, apart from a bar or two. It seems to be a centre of fruit growing.


Anne said...

I spent one Christmas in La Réunion, and that remains one of my best memories. Waiting for the "réveillon" lying on the beach, sunbathing !

aliqot said...

Sounds good! We are now back in the northern hemisphere - San Francisco. It's beautiful weather, but not as warm,of course. And they have some autumn colours too.