Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bridport West Bay - a dip in the sea.

19 June 2014.

We'd spent a short time in West Bay before the walk to Golden Cap. The water looked tempting, but we hadn't brought our swimming gear. Memories of a cycle ride to Cromer from a few miles inland some years ago told us that swimming in cycling shorts and then wearing them to ride isn't the greatest of plans and probably much the same is true of walking clothes. 

The next day we packed swimsuits and towels, and decided to ride to West Bay, maybe swim a bit, sketch a bit, nip into Bridport to look for a present for a four-year-old, and generally chill out.

The first swim had to be faced before coffee, and though the water was not as balmy as Cromer had been it was less cold than some we've known.  The air was warm as well so no shivering fits on emerging! And we have photos to prove it.

Coffee at the beach café - much classier than Charmouth's. And a sight of a Harris hawk which deters the gulls. They were making one hell of a racket at the sight of the hawk, though its handler claimed it wouldn't predate anything as large as a gull.

We cycled into the town, a lively place, and managed to find presents and a card, and arrange to pick them up by car later.

A picnic lunch and an hour or so sketching near the harbour, a ride along the seafront, and another dip brought us to five o'clock, so we decided to buy fish and chips, from one of the stalls  rather than make the effort to cook dinner after a fairly active day.

We bought Dorset Apple Cake again and took it home unsquashed!

Most photos by Harry.

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