Sunday, June 08, 2014

And from our visit to Alloway in April

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I'm posting this now, because the cottage contrasts strongly with Isaac Newton's Woolsthorpe Manor.

Last April we spent a week in South Ayrshire, near the Forest of Galloway.  This was one of the few days we didn't go out walking or cycling. 
Instead we made for the town of Ayr, with its long beach and busy if slightly run down town centre, then called in at the Burns Museum and Cottage in Alloway. 

As I'm not a Scot I knew little of Burns apart from 'red red roses', 'wee sleekit,  cow'rin', tim'rous beasties' and the custom of addressing the haggis in late January.
Harry in contrast was brought up with his dad's readings from "Tam o'Shanter".   And I have now read it here .
Tam crosses the bridge keystone just in time, but Meg loses her tail to the witch Nanny in her  cutty-sark.

The Brig o Doon

The auld Kirk

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