Monday, November 12, 2012

Upside down on Tuesday morning. 13 nov

I'm lying in bed with a cup of tea - nothing new there then! Except it's November, and I have the window wide open, looking out onto a balcony surrounded by lush leaves and the occasional squawk of a lorikeet.  We're in Port Douglas, Northern Queensland.  The kind of place that I'd never really thought about visiting.
Why? We're hoping to witness this years total solar eclipse. I'm so pleased we used that as a kick up the bum to travel south of the equator. Australia has more than fulfilled any expectations I had.

We've seen iguanas roaming loose in Brisbane, exotic birds untold, a duck-billed platypus in the wild, a python lying across the road back to our cottage near Lake Eacham,  and the stars of the southern sky. Wow!


Anne said...

Sorry, I was on holidays and missed your departure. May I wish you both a wonderful journey, even though I'm late ?
Your pictures are welcome. They make me travel mentally as I'm just resuming work...
I wonder. Can a platypus not be duck-billed ? I thought they were all.

aliqot said...

You should look at Harry's Southern Skies blog too. Link in sidebar. I always knew the animal with its full name. I had a very formal education!

Anne said...

I don't know where the French name comes from, but to remember it requires a very formal education too !