Friday, November 16, 2012

The Reef

Started this on the boat out to the reef.Nov 17th Reef snorkelling

Early six o'clock wake up then a drive into Cairns to the car park we'd reccied the day before. A short walk and a wait for the check-in. On board the reef magic boat, after the usual 'experience photo', we discovered a free wifi spot to catch up before getting to the marine magic area. We decided to go for an optional guide to snorkelling and proved well worth it. We hired lycra full body swimsuits - fashionable or what! The guide showed us lots of different fish, types of coral, a sea-cucumber, as well as Wally the Wrasse. Not to mention how to use the snorkel and mask. Then we pootled about on our own. Lunch, then a visit to the underwater observation deck - an aquarium in reverse, and difficult to catch snapshots of the fish gliding past.
We half-intended to try the semi-submersible or the glass bottomed boat, but couldn't resist snorkelling some more. The first time we'd felt cool for a week.
Even slightly chilled. Though we rapidly warmed up once we were out of the water. Everyone had to sign back in before the boat could leave the reef and make its way back to Cairns. There was an Englishwoman who was thrilled to have seen a turtle while she was snorkelling. "we're such tourists!" she commented. No worries.
When we reached Cairns again we wandered happily in the evening warmth for a while, indulged in a cup of tea, before returning to our Oceanside haven, and a rice salad before an early night with alarm set.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh this sounds great! What a lovely thing to do! Meanwhile it's cold n wet up here without having to don any fancy swim gear:)) xxx

Anne said...

My snorkelling experience in Egypt is one of my best memories. I envy you !

aliqot said...

Fabulous experience.
But I'm way behind with the blogging!