Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Prison's great for lapwings

I'm not sure what the story says about modern farming methods.

The reason the lapwings ended up in prison is the ground, which is flat with short grass, rich with other plant species, and holds plenty of insects for the growing chicks to eat. Lapwings nest on the ground, and the open, flat spaces allow them to spot would-be predators. The land has never been reseeded, fertilised or treated with chemicals.
Because it is an area where no humans tread, it is also free from people who would disturb the birds' new home, the Prison Service adds.
Good luck to them, and whoooo knows, they may do the prisoners some good?


Anne said...

Ah ! I remember "lapwings". They're "vanneaux" in French. And we could see quite a lot in our area 20 years ago, not far from my grand-mother's village. I wonder whether they've survived. The only prison round here is hard-surfaced and inside the city...

aliqot said...

I didn't know the name in French - we've certainly noticed a decline in their numbers around here, though.