Thursday, November 03, 2011

Day in Leicester

Yesterday, we hit the nearby city.  After the ritual of coffee and blueberry muffin, and the essential purchase of shoes and trousers, I wandered around, amusing myself by playing with (a few) of the camera settings.

I only wish I could understand the blog settings and get things to sit on the page where I want them!

Still and all, I more or less find my way round Leicester city centre these days - it hasn't played that disorienting street swivel trick on me for a while.

And finally, lunch in the museum cafe and a browse around the dinosaur fossils exhibition.


Anne said...

Thankfully Viviane doesn't read your blog, or she would have insisted to go to Leicester to see the dinosaurs... She's a fan.

aliqot said...

We didn't realise they were there until we were at the museum. Leicester's a bit far from Bournemouth though!

Ed said...

Nothing is too far when it comes to dinosaurs !