Sunday, September 04, 2011

Depth of field . . .

My son-in-law would be proud of me?  All photos taken with 75-300mm lens.

The first one fully automatic settings - Shutter speed  1/200; Aperture 5.6. Foreground with mini-crab apples in focus, the rest blurry.

For the second picture I used the Av (aperture priority) setting at 8. Shutter speed set by camera at 1/125.
Giving greater depth of field, though foreground slightly blurred.

For the third one I set the aperture at 10, the shutter speed was 1/100.  Even more depth of field.

Not entirely comparable, since I changed the shot slightly each time, but maybe I'm beginning to learn something.  I like the third one best here, because you can see the whole height of the wall in the bottom left corner.

And - I should probably carry the smaller lens with me.  

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He is indeed!