Friday, September 09, 2011

Blackberry heaven

I've been promising myself for two or three weeks that I'd go and pick some blackberries.  Only a panful, but enough for a couple of crumbles, along with apple. They're bubbling gently on the stove now.  Autumn - crab apples , sloes, blackberries - all there to be enjoyed.

I passed two men with metal detectors, scoping a field, saw a couple of buzzards, and finished up walking uphill back to the village, with the chance to look back over the valley in the warm sun. 
Oh, and the crumble was delicious.


Paul said...

Blackberry and apple crumble, lovely. Not had one for a while, my try and have some next week.
Thanks for you kind words on my blog. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo

aliqot said...

Crumbles rock, so long as they are not rock-hard.

In spite of reports that blackberries have had a bad year, I've found some excellent ones, usually while walkng, and I've not been prepared to carry more than a few in my stomach.

I do have a few in the freezer.

Your blog is one way I keep in touch with Leeds, Paul.