Saturday, July 30, 2011

Photos and walks

I used to carry my mini-digital-Fujifilm A303 everywhere. I loved it. It was tiny, and went into pockets, handbags, bumbags without protest. It got me into the habit of snapping wildly.  It slowed down - the zoom lens wouldn't move.  I forced it - it lived on for a few more months. Then it stopped altogether, and neither tenderness nor violence would bring it back to life.  For several months I was cameraless in the world.

Now I take my Canon dslr most places, but I tend to carry only one lens with me when out walking.  Too much baggage otherwise.  But I always wish I had the lens I left behind.  Sod's law, and self-delusion, I suppose, along with the desire to do two things at once.

Yesterday I tried to catch a hovering tern with the telephoto. The result was, frankly, rubbish.  I think it was a combination of lack of time/patience, probable need for a tripod, and not very good light.  I'll post when/if I get a good result.

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