Friday, July 15, 2011

Of swimming, child-minding and other things

I went to the pool as Esther was doing her tri training on Monday. I swam 50 lengths in about three quarters of an hour. Mainly breast-stroke, as my crawl has become an effort again!   Memo to self - regular practice, my dear. 

I've loved spending time with not-so-little Joseph, climbing up slides or squatting on floors, taking him out to places where he can run around.  

But, touch wood, he has settled with Karen to look after him for three days per week - sleeping, eating and playing quite happily at her house.

So here I am, back home.

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esther said...

You did a great job of childminding too :) I'm sure that's helped lots with him settling! Think he misses his Grandma now - we do :) But look forward to seeing you next weekend. Lovely pics! xxxx