Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Walking without the map

A walk through the 'highlands' of Northeast Leicestershire turned out slightly longer than we intended. it was one of those times when we were following a twenty-year-old guidebook, and had no map. Once you're off-track it seems almost impossible to get back on again, so we made an unintentional couples of miles detour. The local map is now on my shopping list, since the one we used to have has disappeared. Ex-railway station
I liked this tree
Lowesby Church
Lowesby Hall

One for the birdhouse collection.
Pause for a drink in the churchyard at Twyford
Through the jungle.
Off-track - we should not have gone under the viaduct.

I'm convinced that the trees must have grown since she wrote the book, or she must have been ten feet tall, as she constantly told us that Tilton church spire should be in view, but we couldn't see it until close to the end of the walk. Oh, maybe that was because we'd strayed from the path.

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