Monday, July 07, 2008

Pipewell, hares, a heron and a pillar.

When Marta and I go walking we end up in some odd places. This is usually because we haven't brought the map with us, and tend to talk and follow our noses rather than think about directions. Last Friday promised well - we saw a heron stalking elegantly across a field as we drove into Pipewell. We parked and walked across the fields, hoping to head for the WW2 airfield along a path I have followed a couple of times in the past.
This is what happens when I use a tripod on uneven ground.
But the trees, a pond in a hollow and a solitary phallic pillar distracted us, brought out our silly side and like a magnet drew us too far to the left.
The pillar turns us slightly silly. And I should have compensated for the lightness of the sky.
To be fair there was something like a path. A startled hare ran out from very close to us, a piece of summer magic. No sign of young or 'form' where it had been. Then we had to cross a field full of cows, calves and a bull. Unfortunately the animals seemed interested, so we decided on a non-confrontational approach, and headed for a gate on a diagonal to our original path.

There was a big well-kept farm house ahead, and next to it mown grass like a private bowling green, complete with pavilion. We skirted round it mostly. Then stood looking bemused. This is definitely not the route we should have taken.
On the way back via the road, we found this stunning wild-flower meadow.

It'll probably be a neatly manicured garden by this time next year, since someone is having a house renovated.

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