Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stocktaking again

I seem to have been bogged down elsewhere in cyberspace - mainly with Writers' Dock mag, but I've been doing more editing than creating anything of my own. I need to do a quick stock-take - especially since I'm approaching another birthday - not a big one this year.

I've written a few articles for the mag, on writing and editing poetry, on World Book Day and National Year of Reading - mainly cobbled together from online info. Then I've written a couple of poems, both rhyming - one narrative, and the other about writing poetry, from a practical point of view.

Last night, I did a couple of short almost stories, from prompts. The two were written in about half an hour, and it made a pleasant change just wandering along following my imagination, instead of trying to be clear and logical about facts. I shall keep them and edit if I feel they have any potential.

This afternoon while I was out walking, I remembered another. A villanelle for a challenge.

Well, I think my brain's getting a bit of exercise.


Catherine J Gardner said...

Good luck with your work on the magazine... Can't wait to read it.

Moondreamer said...

Hey Busy Bee!

Hope you're having a fab start to the week?

Just popping over to tell you about Blogger Appreciation Day ( and to tell you how much I appreciate you!


aliqot said...

Cate, the mag is taking a little longer than originally planned - but that's always the way, and it is making progress. I shall be away for tweo weeks, and who knows what magic someone will work in my absence. ;@)

Aw, thanks, moondreamer. So far so good with this week. I really appreciate your appreciation. :-)