Friday, July 22, 2016

A day at the seaside

an early start to drive east to the coast
the sun already high at seven
by eight outside Peterborough 
the rush hour is half-hearted
by nine we see the sea

Hunstanton's car parks offer loads of space
the sun shines hot, but coffee hits the spot
the tide is out, the beaches spread for miles
we stroll along the prom  
bathed by a sea breeze

the cliffs rise in broad colour bands
the greens and gardens lead upwards
to the bowling club and cafe with a view
benches along a wall, almost in shade

we walk, we look for hats and sandals
have lunch and wander to the beach
the tide's way way out, 
a long hike to the sea
we sport the trousers-rolled-to-paddle look

retreat with chairs and books to wait awhile
watching the crowds, all ages, sizes
by five the sea is close and deep enough to swim
and warm, no shivers today
though we have memories

two years since we've had a sea swim
this time no need to brace as 
the water licks my belly

when we emerge the breeze is welcome
not fierce and chill

a meal at Goblin Pantry fills the belly
we still seek shade and breeze

To end the day a pilgrimage to holdays past
we visit Heacham, locate the house called Shenstone

drive to the beach and watch the sun go down
from this westward facing beach in Eastern England
its golden orange red path on the waves
silhouettes walkers, a dog, an evening bather.

Turning round, we see the risen moon is full.


T Euro said...

I like the beach and I like your text !

PS: can you suggest a way I could sign without using my Blogger account ? But using my blog's address, which is not among the choices here under. Or, simply my name ?

aliqot said...

Thanks Anne! I'll let you know if I find another way for you to comment. Using phone at the mo!

aliqot said...

Does it not say Choose an identity when you try to comment? I have a choice between a google ID and and Open Id with various possibilities.