Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Are we at the seaside yet?

I wake after a night of troubled dreams
chasing teenagers from a building site
through a fairground

to find that rain has been falling all night
on saturated ground
not gentle pattering, but hammering steadily

rain lies in deep pools in gardens
on roads, on fields
refreshing the mud I hoped was drying

if this continues it'll be a case of 'man the lifeboats!'
and make vast vats of porridge and cocoa

so far inland
sea level's rising - 
has the shore reached our valley overnight?
That'll save my friend a birthday trip to Hunstanton.

the roads are flooded
facebook warnings flash up
take care, even the top road
worse than we've seen

I'm pleased the house is on a hill
I haven't been outside to check
are we at the seaside yet

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