Monday, November 16, 2015

Poems after Paris 13/11/2015

Early reactions to the attacks in Paris, 13 November 2015
Shaken again
from complacency
into confusion.

Asking why? 
How can they?
Is life not tough enough?

Like the hydra
violent groups grow more heads
each time we chop one off.

if we despair
darkness has the upper hand

I believe
most people are decent
not deluded.

I believe humans
can progress
towards peace
and cooperation.

But after such "incidents"
I want to hide,
pretend they have not happened.

I marvel
I marvel
at human persistence
in destruction

I marvel
at how some justify

I marvel
at those who demand
faith unto death

I marvel most
at the resilience
of survivors

and the compassion
of millions.

Le lendemain - next morning

next morning
life slowly pulls on
everyday clothes
but some people
never will

or maybe I need to make it more obvious

next morning
Paris slowly puts on
everyday clothes
for some people 
this makes no sense


le lendemain
on s'habille
comme d'habitude
- pours certains
cela n'a plus de sens


The next day
Paris gets dressed
as usual
for some
there is no usual

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